The Crimson Foundation has applied for Charitable Status and a decision is pending.                  


The Crimson Foundation was originally formed in 2006 and today is a growing charity that is funded and run by the people who work for the Crimson Group of Companies.

Our aims are:

To invest our support - both financial and by sharing our knowledge - skills and experiences in educational and vocational programmes in schools, in order to support underprivileged pupils and students, and help them raise their aspirations.

To support community activities that will nurture the talents of children and young people and encourage them to pursue their passions.

To make a difference.

What we do:

By forging close relationships with local schools and community groups, we are helping to support imaginative, innovative projects that offer children and young people the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

We have developed a series of learning programmes that will help those students who are preparing to leave school make more positive and informed decisions as they enter the world of work.

We are funding projects within the community that encourage children and young people to develop their natural talents and ability.

We sponsor competitions and events that recognise hard work and success in order to encourage entrepreneurial talent among children and young people.